RhinoPiping v1.2.8 is available!

We are glad to release today RhinoPiping’s latest version.

This new release has brand new license management. We are now using the same license system as Rhino3D itself, more stable and suitable than previously. RhinoPiping became also compatible with the Zoo 6, which gives you the possibility to have floating licenses. RhinoPiping LT now has a completely separated installer, and don’t anymore need to be activated.

Several small bugs have also been solved, and you can expect from us more news and tools in the few next weeks. (Our configuration tool should be expected soon)

As you may have seen, we also redesigned our main website recently, and created this auxiliary website exclusively dedicated to support and documentation.

Update RhinoPiping now.


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3 thoughts on “RhinoPiping v1.2.8 is available!

  1. mikkaeg says:

    Hi Rhinopiping team.
    It seems that I cannot create new topics or reply to any topics in the forum, so I am writing here.
    I have used mirroring a couple of times in rhinopiping, but it seems that it is not available anymore.
    After using the mirror command, the pipes are mirrored and then alert appears “undoing mirror command”.
    I have tried disconnecting the pipelines, but no change.
    Is there a solution to my problem or do I still have to start from scratch when making a mirrored pipeline?

    Best regards

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