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4 thoughts on “RhinoPiping configurator – coming soon

  1. mikkaeg says:

    Hi Rhino Piping team.
    I am having trouble to open the Configuration tool.
    I download it, install it, open it and before I can start using it, the application closes and deletes itself from the folder.
    What am I doing wrong?
    PS! I cannot log in to your forum. After I log in and go to the Rhino Piping forum subject, I am already logged out.


    1. SupportTeam says:

      Hi Mikk,
      Concerning the configuration tool, did you check your antivirus/antimalware? I heard there are some false positive with our configuration tool, this might be the issue.
      Concerning the forum, I guess you finaly managed to log on, since you posted a message?
      Best Regards,
      Matthieu – RhinoPiping support team

  2. Mikk says:

    Hi, again
    The problem solved itself somehow.
    After I downloaded the Rhinopiping Pro, the Configuration tool did not dissapear anymore.

  3. SupportTeam says:

    Hi, glad to hear that. Let me know if you have any difficulties, since the configuration tool is still a Beta.
    Everything can be manually configured in the csv and xml files.

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