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    Roger Davies

    Call me thick but I could not see how to raise a new topic on this forum so I have replied to the oen that was open.

    I want to ask how does Rhino Piping work with actual survey data such as 3D co cordinated points of flange centre and Ip’s. Also can it report face of flange errors and bolt hole rotations if 3D coordinted points give the plane of the face of the flange and some bolt hole centres relative to the flange centre point.

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    Hi, I moved your comment to a new topic, I don’t know why you are not able to create a topic I will try to check this when I have some time.

    I’m not really sure to understand what you mean by actual survey data?

    Concerning bolt hole rotation, RhinoPiping does not check anything, but I think you should be able to get this information with a script:
    RhinoPiping’s components are basically bloc definitions with some custom data embedded, so you could just check the bloc instance reference relative angle to get the bolt holes positions. Does it help?

    Best regards

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