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      Good day,
      I’m investigating the possibility to purchase the pro version.
      I saw with the pro+ I can export in IFC format. Could you confirm?
      I tried to add the item and validated my VAT number, but the total amount is still with VAT included.
      Am I missing something?
      Are there news about the future of the tool?
      Thanks in advance,

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      Good afternoon,
      Pro + is a plugin with beta features included in RhinoPiping Pro license. It has indeed an experimental export to ifc feature, but it is not stable and we don’t provide any support for this. You should maybe ask for a trial from the website, this way you’ll be able to check wether our IFC export can be of any use to you.

      Both RhinoPiping Free, Pro or Pro+ developments are currently stopped. We are looking for company to takeover the source code.

      Concerning the VAT number, you might not see the difference because the prices on the website are excluding taxes. If the amount is 990€ + taxes it is indeed a bug, could you check if your page is http, there is a known bug with our https pages?

      Best regards

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      Thanks for the reply.
      In the webpage https://www.rhinopiping.com/checkout/ I see a full amount of 1207.80 euros.
      I introduced My VAT number, and after validation the page refreshed. Nonetheless the full amount is still 1207.80
      But if I click on the “pay” button I am redirected to a paypal page in order to pay a 990 amount.
      I’ll ask for a trial to check if it suits my needs.

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        Ok thank you for reporting the bug, I’ll try to check this soon.
        Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions

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