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    Hi Matthieu,

    using the guidelines in the “Create Pipe Class” Tutorial, i’ve managed to create a new pipe class in my catalog. The new pipe class seems to work fine, but for some reason i can only have 4 lines in my CSV file for the new pipe class. The moment i add an additional line and try to create a pipeline, the following error pops up in a window:

    Unknown exception caught in ‘C:\Users\Jean Vittor\Desktop\07.02.2017 – Copie\RhinoPiping\nvr\include\nvr/Commandlmpl.hpp’:41

    Do you have an idea as to what may be causing this?

    Best Regards,

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    Good morning,

    I suspect that you might have created a pipeline diameter with no compatible elbow, which can cause RhinoPiping to crash. I recommend to create at least one curvature-factor elbows class for your pipeline(Tutorial link).

    If you need more help with this matter, you can send me a copy the following directories, I’ll check them and create an example:
    * C:\ProgramData\Navinn\catalogs\pipe
    * C:\ProgramData\Navinn\catalogs\elbow
    (You can upload a zip to any cloud storage, and send me the link in this thread. Don’t forget to check the “Set as private reply” option to protect your link)

    Best regards

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