[New Request] Tables not working in Piping

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      Steve G

      I followed the LT instructions on loading the Rhino Piping Plug-in. Installing everything then uninstalling the Plug-in leaving the catalog then reinstalling the plug-in. The tables still do not work. This is Windows 7. This process worked on my boss’ computer.

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      Good evening Steve,
      Actually, “Table” is not a part of RhinoPiping, it stands as an independent side plugin.
      (Because it is quite useful even if you don’t use RhinoPiping)
      You can download it there: http://navinn.rhinopiping.com/table-plugin/

      Best regards

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      I’ve tried installing the RhinoPiping Lt and the catalog, but it still does not appear within the Rhino 6 program. Is it necessary to enable this plug-in somewhere within the Rhino 6, or in the computer itself.
      I’m using Windows 10.
      Installation appears to be successful, but the RP does not seem to appear anywhere.
      -Andrew Clausen
      Ventura Welding, Netherlands

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        Good afternoon,
        Unfortunately, our plugins are not ready yet for Rhino 6. Most of them should be updated in the next few weeks/months.
        (If you want to try our plugins at the moment, it is possible to install both Rhino5 and Rhino6 on the same computer)
        Best regards

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      This version works standalone for Rhino5 and Rhino6, and uses excel files instead of csv:

      It’s a basic version with no editor and no location selector, but it still could help.


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